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Multiway Fibre Optic Connectors for Harsh Environments
Fibre Optic Cables

Our harsh environment cables cover a range of applications and generally can include chemical resistance, flame retardance, fire resistance, ability to withstand constant flexing  and tolerance to continued high or low temperatures. They are available in various combinations such as armoured or non metallic, flexible for repeated bending,  buffered or loose tube, multimode, singlemode or both. Our cable range has been certified to IEC 332-1 Flame Retardance, IEC 331(Modified for fibre optic cable) fire resistance and IEC 794-1-E6 repeated bending.

We also offer an NES518 cable sheath which is able to withstand a constant metal surface temperature of 85°C.

Standard Cables

We offer a wide range of standard application cables, including Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), submarine, direct burial, duct and internal/external cable. Further details of these are available on request.


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