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Multiway Fibre Optic Connectors for Harsh Environments
Specialist Harsh Environment Fibre Optic Connectors

NFI are soon to launch our newly ATEX certified multiway fibre optic connectors, please contact us for more information.

Our range of  6 and 12 way fibre optic connectors were developed for use mainly in harsh and marine applications. Connectors can be supplied as multi-mode or single mode and come factory pre-terminated to tails of any length as required by the customer. Cable tails used are NFI’s own harsh environment, chemical and fire resistant cable. All connectors are made entirely from 316 stainless steel and have been fully tested and certified to EN 61300 for vibration, water penetration, mating durability and cable retention.

The connectors are used widely in Gas Tankers and FPSO turrets, but can lend themselves to virtually any harsh environment, corrosive or field deployment application. A range of test plugs and associated electronic hardware is also available along with ATEX certified Zone 1 rated fibre optic enclosures specifically tested for the fibre optic industry.

For more detailed information, see the NFI connector documents on the downloads page.

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