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Multiway Fibre Optic Connectors for Harsh Environments
Pipeline Networks

(Engineers - Kennedy and Donkin)
Supply and installation of 50km fibre optic route along side a 30 inch gas pipe across desert, together with supply, commissioning and integration of 2Mbps SCADA and communications system. Cable used was 6 core single mode with selected fibre for low attenuation. Desert routes of cable were supplied un-armoured and pre-installed into sub duct for direct burial adjacent to the gas pipe during laying, city sections were supplied in armoured form for direct burial. The communications system is a 2Mbps transmission system with mux control, OLTU and associated cards for the transmission of voice channels, interconnection to the PSTN, hot line and V24 for the SCADA between gas production station and power station. Hot line telephones were explosion proof units. All work was supplied, installed and commissioned ahead of schedule.
SONATRACH (via Motorola Africa & Middle East  Division)  ALGERIA
Supply and installation of 520km 8 core single mode fibre optic cable and associated 34Mbps transmission system across Algeria linking oil and gas production and pipeline facilities. 13 telecom drop & insert locations, 4 of which were solar powered.  The project included all works from exchange voice circuits, telex interface and V24 circuits up to 34Mbps transmission. Longest single unregenerated link installed was 65km.

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